Want to keep your Teen Driver from Speeding

on most every road in the USA ?

When your teen drives, do you cross your fingers and hope they obey the Speed Limit ? Now you have the power to assure that they do !!

See any speeding over the DOT Posted Speed Limit in as much detail as you’d like, including a Summary Chart of % of time they sped and by how much:

DOT Speeding incident graph

And this product is Loaded with Features such as:

* Real Time GPS Tracking
* Breadcrumb Trail
* Use PC/Cell
* Geofences/Alerts
* Know of Curfew/Unauthorized hour usage
* Tamper Alert
* Optional Remote Starter Disable

We discovered that our 17 year old daughter was sometimes reaching speeds of up to 50 MPH in residential neighborhoods. So we pulled the car keys for 1 week.

Howard D. - Los Angeles, CA

When my son isn't home by the curfew time of 11:30, I look on the internet to see where he is. It makes me feel better.

Nancy R. - Middletown, PA

Your teenager doesn't have the wisdom of an adult yet

The bottom line is that your teenager's life and safety is priceless! Leave Nothing To Chance!! Know everything, and I mean Everything, about your teen's driving! Better safe than sorry. They need your close supervision and attention. This product helps you do your job of being a parent to keep your teen driver safe and injury-free.

This product is a tool that allows parents to monitor, supervise and provide guidance to their teenage drivers

It's no secret that teens drive one way when parents are in the car versus when they're not. With this product, it's as though you're sitting next to your teen whenever they're driving! When parents urge their teen to be careful driving, they reply "yeah, yeah, yeah." Then once they turn the corner with the car you just keep your fingers crossed and wonder, how does my teenager "really" drive? Well, now you'll know for sure!