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Company: Alltrack USA
Address: 3374 Landrum Drive; Smyrna, GA 30082
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Alltrack USA Launches New Easy-To-Install Product:

Plug-in GPS Tracking Device

This Plug-in ‘Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking’ product installs in seconds and allows parents to use the internet to see their teen’s current location and a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of where they’ve been over the last three months. The information is available 24/7. All speeds driven and stops made are provided by the device. Parents can get notifications via text message or email when their child arrives at and leaves school/home, uses the vehicle during unauthorized hours, turns the Ignition On/Off and more. They can set up Geofences & Alerts online and change them anytime.

This product compliments their regular ‘Wired’ device, which normally goes behind the dashboard, and is connected to the vehicle with just 3 wires: Positive, Negative & Ignition. Concealed and hidden, it’s difficult for the driver to tamper with it.

Alltrack USA offers an exclusive feature designed to keep teen drivers safe: Parents can prevent them from speeding on most every road in the USA thanks to Alltrack’s Computer Database of MPH specs of 3.9 million miles of roads in the country. As the teen drives, their speed is constantly compared with the DOT (US Department of Transportation) Posted Speed Limit where they’re driving. Parents can then see a daily & weekly summary of the % of time their teen exceeded this DOT Speed Limit. With this important information, if the parents feel that their teen has sped excessively, they can be disciplined by taking back the car keys for a number of days or disabling the vehicle’s starter as the product has this optional feature.

The bottom line is: If the teen speeds, the parents will find out about it. And they can insist that either the speed limit be obeyed or they cannot drive. The teen will very quickly start obeying the Speed Limit.

Parents can see as much detail as they’d like about their teen’s speeding: (1) General- A summary chart of % of time they sped and by what MPH. (2) Detailed- A listing of all incidents and their location. (3) More Detailed- A map of where and when each incident took place.

Alltrack is the only Company that provides customers with the ability to select how often their device reports, or ‘updates’, its location and speed: Every 10, 20, 40 or 60 seconds. Each has its own monthly flat-fee price. Down the road, customers have the option of changing how often updates happen. Alltrack then makes this change remotely ‘over-the-air’.

The GPS Vehicle Tracking device is very small, measuring only 2 ½” x 2″ x 1″, and plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port below the dashboard (All vehicles made since 1996 have this port). The device has built-in GPS and cellular antennas, operates silently and comes with a built-in backup battery to alert parents if power is disconnected.

About Alltrack USA
Alltrack USA has been in business for 12 years. The company aims to provide customers with premium quality products at reasonable prices.


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