The Car Chip Pro is a hi-tech and yet economical way to monitor your teenager's driving. And in a compact package that's easy to install to boot !

It quickly and instantly plugs into your vehicle's on-board diagnostics connector (OBDII) port below the dashboard (on most 1996 and later vehicles) and monitors how your teenager drives on a second by second basis. It records vehicle speeds driven, hard accelerations, hard decelerations/braking, time and date for each trip, distance traveled and more. It can even optionally beep at the driver if he/she surpasses speed, acceleration and braking levels that YOU define. Wow !

The Car Chip Pro data logger stores up to 300 hours of trip details. If you drive 2 hours a day, that's over a month's worth of driving data ! You'll get complete driving details for each trip, plus details on engine performance when and if the vehicle's check engine light comes on.

There's an available Alarm that gives the driver feedback about their driving ! If they speed, accelerate too fast and brake too hard, a beeping alarm will tell them to take it easy. You set the thresholds for each of these and will see in a report when they were exceeded ! Note that you can turn this alarm On or Off.

Information Recorded:
• Time and date for each trip.
• Distance traveled.
• Speed (logged every five seconds).
• Idle time.
• Hard accelerations & decelerations.
User-settable alarms for speed, hard braking, and quick acceleration to tell the driver to take it easy.
• Engine diagnostic trouble codes plus the status of the engine parameters at the time the codes occurred.
• Time and date of each time Car Chip is connected or disconnected.
• Accident log (the last critical 20 seconds of speed).
• Up to 4 out of 23 possible engine parameters (your choice), recorded every 5 to 60 seconds (your choice). Choose from:

Low Price of $79.00


• Engine load
• Throttle position
• Fuel pressure
• Battery voltage
• Coolant temperature
• Air flow rate

• Intake air temperature
• Intake manifold pressure
• Oxygen sensor output voltage
• Timing advance
• Fuel system status
• Short-term fuel trim
• Long-term fuel trim

If the Car Chip Pro becomes full with 300 hours of driving information, old information is overwritten with new information.

1. Locate your car's OBDII connector - You'll find it inside the car, no more than 3 feet from the driver's seat.

2. Plug the data logger in - The blinking light tells you it's installed and ready to go.

3. Start driving - Car Chip will start collecting data your very next trip. Later, download to your PC for analysis, graphing and charting.

Each product includes everything you'll need: data logger chip, software on CD, and USB cable for downloading data.

• View summary and detail reports for each trip, with time, date, speed, distance and more.

• Copy data to spreadsheets and text documents for further analysis.

• Review and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98SE, CD-ROM drive & one USB port.

CarChip has been carefully designed and tested to comply with the OBDII protocols used on most cars and light trucks sold in the USA, model year 1996 and later. However, some vehicle models are not in full compliance with these protocols. There are a few vehicles in which Car Chip is not compatible. You can review a list of known Car Chip Vehicle Conflicts and Exclusions by clicking here. For more information on OBDII issues and anomalies in general, we recommend visiting The Equipment and Tool Institute's website at

Experience with of thousands of CarChip users has shown the unit to be safe and reliable. But there is an inherent risk in adding any aftermarket product that may potentially affect the operation or drivability of your vehicle.

Other uses for product:

• Use it to set up your own 'Graduated License' program based on driver performance.

• Use detailed speed report to fight an unjust ticket.

• The Accident Log (the last critical 20 seconds of speed) may help settle a contested insurance claim.