Today we have 3 things that didn't exist in the past: (1) The Internet, (2) Vast cellular phone coverage across the country and (3) 24 satellites circling the earth. These 3 technologies combine to provide wireless vehicle monitoring and tracking anywhere in North America.

This system utilizes cellular wireless networks that allow you to receive information and view the location of your vehicle in virtual "real-time". Real-Time GPS tracking is becoming the standard for companies and individuals who want to track vehicles as well as tracking assets (trailer, generator, heavy equipment). These systems are cost-effective, easy to use, virtually maintenance free and don't require the installation of unique software on your computer.

This product allows for real-time control and historical viewing(a) of status and alarm data, including speed, direction of travel, starter disable, door unlock, and most importantly, location. This information is viewed at our web site using any standard web browser like Explorer and Netscape. This means you can see your car from anywhere in the world, including while at home, at work, on a business trip or on vacation.
(a) Historical viewing means that 3 months of all of your interactions with the vehicle are stored online.

Here's what you can monitor and control:

Battery cable cut Notification- Alerts you if car's battery cable is cut, battery is drilled out, etc. This is done be seeing the 12 volt power source is suddenly removed. Then you're notified using the included backup battery.
­Car Alarm Notification- Alerts you when car alarm goes off. And if it is stolen you can tell police exactly where it is !!
Use any telephone to find out where your car is right now­- An automated voice will tell you the street address of where the car is right now. For example, "Escalade is located at 120-125 Main Street, Miami, Florida and is traveling 35 miles per hour NorthEast."
Use any computer with internet access to find out where your car is right now­- A map on the screen will enable you to zoom in and out on the clearly-marked car and see their current Location, Speed and Direction. And you can do this through any computer in the world with internet access !!
­Electronic Fencing Alert- Alerts you when up to 10 predefined boundaries have been crossed. Up to 10 rectangular or circular regions can be specified and you're notified immediately if the car goes into or out of any of these regions.
Examples of use:
(1) Receive a call at your house if your car is ever driven more than 100 miles from your house.
(2) Receive a call on your cell phone if your car is ever driven out of your state.
­GeoFence Alert- A circular region with a predefined radius that's centered on the car's current location. You'll be notified immediately if it goes outside of this region.
Example of use: You park your car at the airport to go on a trip. You use your cell phone to turn on the GeoFence. Then while you're on the trip you'll be called if the vehicle moves 1/4 mile from it's current location.
­Remote Vehicle Door Unlock- With internet or any phone, unlock the car doors if the keys get locked inside.
­Remote Starter Disable/Enable- Immobilizes a vehicle once the ignition is off. Use in case car is stolen.
­Remotely operate a 12 volt item on car- With internet or any phone, turn ON/OFF a 12V device on the car such as turning on a light, honking the horn, etc. ($37.95 hardware add-on required to do this)
­Speed Threshold Alert- Alerts you when, where, and by how much a vehicle speeds. Tell those who drive your car to never drive over, say, 60 miles per hour in the car. You'll know right away if they ever do !!
­Fastest Speed- Get today's fastest speed of travel. Useful to see the fastest speed your car's been driven recently.
­Driver Assistance Needed- If car's driver is in trouble, they can press a user-supplied button in glove box to tell you they need help.
­Low Battery Notification- Alerts you when vehicle battery falls below a predetermined voltage of 9.5 or 10.5 volts.
­History Review- Review all interactions that you've made with the car, Speed Threshold alerts, Fastest Speed requests, etc. from the past 3 months.


• Easy to install & inexpensive to operate, the product & antenna are invisible to the driver behind the dashboard.
• Hardware can be moved from one car to another with ease. Only 2 wires to connect to vehicle for basic functionality.
• You have full control of monitoring and controlling functions on vehicle via the internet wherever the car is in the USA, Mexico and Canada. The combined power of GPS, the Internet, cellular service, and its accessibility through any standard web browser allows us to provide cost effective services throughout most of North America.
• Operates even if car is parked for long periods of time; up to 45 straight days with ignition off. Can actively broadcast its location for at least 15 hours on its own power with included battery backup.
• You don't need to sign up for any cellular service. All needed cellular charges are paid to the cellular provider by Alltrack USA and we buy air time in bulk to keep prices low.
• You don't have to own any type of cell phone or cellular service of your own.

Typical Scenarios using this system:

• You're at home, it's 9 pm, and you receive a call on your home phone telling you that the battery has been disconnected on your car that's in the driveway.
• You're at work and you receive a cell phone call telling you that your car's alarm has been set off in the parking lot a few blocks away.
• You park your car at the airport to go on a trip. You use your cell phone to turn on the GeoFence. Then while you're on the trip you'll be called if the vehicle moves 1/4 mile from it's current location. You can then use your cell phone to do a locate on the car and tell the police where it is !!

Each time you request the location of the car, you're "polling" it to determine it's location. And each time the car contacts the website it's "polling." A location request uses 1 poll.
Below are the available pricing plans depending upon how much polling you plan on doing each month.

6 Polls for $7.00 / .75˘ per poll after 6
40 Polls for $12.50 / .35˘ per poll after 40
100 Polls for $19.50 / .35˘ per poll after 100
250 Polls for $27.00 / .35˘ per poll after 250
500 Polls for $35.00 / .25˘ per poll after 500
1000 Polls for $47.50 / .25˘ per poll after 1000
2500 Polls for $70.50 / .25˘ per poll after 2500
5000 Polls for $92.50 / .25˘ per poll after 5000

If your car is in any area in Orange above, you'll be able to monitor it !!
(Click on map to check coverage for your zip code)

Low Price of $325.00


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