The Travel Eyes™ & Shadow Tracker J2™ units have a built in GPS receiver and they store travel information while the vehicle is traveling. Once the information is collected, at any time, parents can take the small black box into the house, connect it to their computer and download their teen's travel data. Then they can see the travels and speeds on the computer screen and optionally print them out. They can also print reports about the travel of the vehicle including maximum speed, miles driven, stops made, the street address of the stop and how long the stops were. The devices have a variable setting that determines how often the unit will record location information. This setting, referred to as the "Collection Rate", determines the number of hours of travel the unit will store information. Below is a chart that indicates the approximate amount of driving hours that the unit will record at each setting. Please keep in mind that this is actual driving time; while the vehicle is sitting still, the memory capacity of the device is not depleted. These products are very economical, reliable and accurate GPS tracking devices for parents to use.

Hours of data stored in black box at different data collection rates per second

with 512 K
with 512 K
with 512 K
(using compression)
Every 3 seconds 8 hours 8 hours ---
Every 7 seconds 18 hours 18 hours ---
Every 10 seconds 25 hours 25 hours 600 hours
Every 15 seconds 38 hours 38 hours ---
Every 20 seconds 50 hours 50 hours ---
Every 30 seconds 75 hours 75 hours ---
Every 45 seconds 113 hours 113 hours ---
Every 60 seconds 150 hours 150 hours ---
Every 90 seconds 225 hours 225 hours ---
Every 120 seconds 360 hours 360 hours ---


• No Monthly Fees
• Complete travel route of any vehicle from your computer.
• Map can show car speed in different colors.
• Map can show where car stopped and for how long.
• Travels stored in black box for detailed review and analysis on your PC.

(1) Whenever teenager drives car, satellite constantly tells black box the car's longitude, latitude and speed.
(2) This information is permanently stored in memory of the black box.
(3) At any time, parent can retrieve the black box and take it to their computer.
(4) Parent connects black box to their computer and can then view teen's travels on the computer screen.

Components used/ included

• GPS tracking unit (2" X 3" X 0.5")
• GPS Antenna (1.5" X 1" X 3/8") with 6' cable and magnetic mount.
• Your choice of power cable to fuse box/battery or power cable for cigarette lighter (Note: Cigarette Lighter outlet in your vehicle should get 12 volts at all times; not just when the ignition is turned on).
• USB download cable that connects from the tracking unit to a USB port on your computer.
• Tracking Unit Installation instructions and User's Guide.
• Mapping Software and User's Guide


The black box can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle, but because it needs to be readily accessible to be removed from the car, most people place it in the glove compartment. You can install it with any method that you'd like. Using Velcro strips under the dashboard is a convenient method.

Powering the Unit
You can power the unit with one of 2 available cables:
1. A power cable connected to the fuse box or vehicle's battery.
2. A power cable plugged into the cigarette lighter (Note: Cigarette Lighter outlet in your vehicle should get 12 volts at all times; not just when the ignition is turned on).
Just specify which cable you'd like shipped with your unit.

GPS Antenna Placement
Common locations for the antenna are: Behind the front or rear plastic bumper, behind the front grille, on top of or under the dashboard or rear window decklid, under the speaker grille on the dashboard or rear window decklid, at the 3rd eye brake light, on cowl at gap between hood and base of windshield or on top of the car's roof.

The antenna will normally pick up a signal through plastic and glass so it can be mounted underneath the dash in most vehicles, but the optimal placement for the antenna is on the roof of the vehicle. If you mount the GPS antenna inside the vehicle's bumper, try to mount it as high up as possible and preferably in the corner. Just remember, you cannot have a metal surface directly above the GPS antenna; plastic is alright.

The antenna can also be placed under the car with the antenna pointed down or at the edge of the car with the magnetic mount.


The black box incorporates internal memory that records everywhere the vehicle travels. When you want to review your teen's travels, you can remove the unit from the car and download the data to your computer. Then you can produce reports for any date range, whether a day, week or month. The reports will accurately show the month, day, year, hour, minute, second, speeds, and detailed street level mapping of the entire route of travel.

There is an LED light that glows red when powered and green when it has acquired the GPS signal. When you have a green light, it's active.

If the teen disconnects the power source, this will be indicated in the reports.

Computer minimum requirements

• Computer- Travel Eyes- Computer with Pentium 166 Mhz (or higher recommended)
     Shadow Tracker Jr- Computer with Pentium 166 Mhz (or higher recommended)
     Shadow Performer- Computer with Pentium 166 Mhz (or higher recommended)
     Shadow Tracker Pro- Computer with Pentium 233 Mhz (or higher recommended)
• Windows XP, 2000, 95, 98, NT or ME operating system
• Hard Disk space on computer- Travel Eyes- 30 MB of available hard drive space.
     Shadow Tracker Jr.- 850 MB of available hard drive space.
     Shadow Performer- 850 MB of available hard drive space.
     Shadow Tracker Pro- 850 MB of available hard drive space.
• Memory on computer- 32 Megabytes minimum (64 Megabytes or more recommended)
• CD ROM drive
• SVGA Monitor
• One open USB port
• Optional: Windows compatible printer (color recommended to print vehicle speeds in color)