There are many interesting car-related things that young people (Millennials) will never experience.

These teen drivers will never experience:
* Have never driven a carburated car.
* Have never pumped the gas pedal to prime the carburator & set a car’s choke on (and they’ve never flooded the engine).
* Have never driven a car without air conditioning.
* Have never cranked up their own car windows.
* Have never driven a car with rear-wheel drive.
* Have never driven a car with a manual transmission.
* Have never made use of more than two dashboard gauges.
* Have always pumped their own gas.
* Have never paid less than $20 to top off the tank.
* Have never played a cassette or 8-track in a car.

Additional technical car-guy items:
* Have never replaced brake shoes.
* Have never replaced a distributor’s points, condenser & rotor.
* Have never adjusted an engine’s dwell with an allen wrench.
* Have never adjusted the timing of an engine by turning the distributor.
* Have never lubed front steering grease fittings with grease.
* Have never temporarily flipped the top of a round air cleaner over to hear the engine roar when you accelerated hard.

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