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Oprah Winfrey No Phone Zone logo 

Oprah Winfrey No Phone Zone document to sign. Teen pledges to use cell phone responsibly while driving.

Excited teenage female driver sitting in a vehicleExcited teenage female driver sitting in a vehicle

Impact of Technology and Teen Driving – From Verizon Internet

How to help your teen drive safely – From AVVO

Teens and Car Insurance info – From

Crashes, Car Insurance and Beyond – The High Toll of Distracted Driving – From

Safety Tips for New Drivers – From Parts Geek

Good info, tips and links for new driver safety

How Teens can Improve their driving skills (UK website)

Young Driver Safety Information & Resources (UK website)

An interactive quiz for teen drivers — the goal is to test their behaviors to see whether they are genuinely safe drivers.

Toyota and Discovery Education have partnered to create TeenDrive365:In School (formerly Toyota Teen Driver), a comprehensive program designed for educators and teens to promote safe teen driving.

The Cost & Consequences of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – From

Driving information and tips for Winter Driving from ‘US Insurance Agents’.

Driving information and tips for new teenage drivers.

Auto Safety Guide – Wealth of safe driving topics.

Free Online Guide to Learning to Drive –

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Organization

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Organization

Liberty Mutual Insurance – Guiding Parents and Teens throught the teen driving process.

Progressive Insurance article- What Parents of Teenagers Can Do regarding their teen drivers

A teen driving website center for parents and teen drivers needing solutions, instruction, statistics and education on everything about safe teen driving.

National Safety Council on safe driving

Parents are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers

PBS information: Inside the Teenage Brain

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Quick Links to Find Government Offices in your County

For Small Children Safety: Safety information (Australian website)

For Small Children Safety: Car & Road Safety Guide (Australian website)

For Small Children Safety: Child Accident Prevention Foundation (Australian website)